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Money Metrics grew from a desire to make professional chartered accounting expertise more affordable for small to medium sized businesses.  Combining sharp business acumen with 'out of the box' thinking, Money Metrics devised a flexible 'no office required' mobile-working model, resulting in significantly reduced overheads - and happier staff!

Paying it forward

As business owners ourselves, we know how hard you work to earn a dollar.  Subsequently, we strive to provide an efficient, expert service that works for your business.  We wont stretch your budget by providing any unnecessary reports or systems.  Our team are passionate about recommending the right service-package for your specific tax obligations and objectives, while making the most of every time-saving, cost-saving tool or tip we come across!


Designed by business owners for business owners, we try not to create unnecessary barriers to getting the right advice at the right time.  Need a little clarification?  Trying to wrap your head around a new tax requirement?  Drop us a line as we're here to help and, our meter's not always running!

Flexible working conditions

Freeing ourselves from the office cubicle has seen the team embrace a better work/life balance, while attracting a higher calibre of new talent.  Committed to delivering to deadline, how and where the work 'gets done' is entrusted to the chartered accounting professional.  Allowing our team a flexible working environment makes for a happier, stress-free team who are in a good place to serve their clients.

We love what we do

While not everyone loves numbers, you can still probably appreciate how rewarding it is to help businesses overcome obstacles and achieve steady growth.  We're not just great accountants, we're also business mentors; your CFO for the big decisions, a tax consultant when you just don't understand, and a business ally that's 'on your team!

Sustainable practices

Working smarter, our 'virtual office' business model is great for our clients, our people & Mother Nature!  Zero building materials were used in the making of Money Metrics, and there's no morning commute.  What about face-to-face meetings?  We use local 'workspaces' for meetings, we can come to you if it's easier, or we can talk business over coffee at a local cafe... cinnamon or chocolate topping?

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