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Cassandra Park NDA, CA

Chartered Accountant


A Director of Money Metrics, Cassandra has been a Chartered Accountant since 1994. Having worked for one of the Big 8 accounting firms in Hamilton she then got the chance to work in a small office when one of the Partners broke away. With some time away for an OE Cassandra worked in London as an accountant & decided to change course once arriving back home.

So the search was on for a business to purchase and at that time the most attractive proposition was to become a publican. This was a seven year journey of huge lessons and a total understanding of what business owners truly go through! Still working in the accounting landscape Cassandra was an early adopter of new technology and all things cloud-based so, once the pub lease was up, it was back to accounting now that there was Xero!

So with a passion for all things business, and finding the quickest & smartest ways to do
things, Cassandra loves working with people or businesses looking to grow.
| ph 0274 544 255