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Your Chartered Accountant is part of an internationally recognised network of 115,000 professionals who use their skills to help businesses like yours build successful & sustainable futures.


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'Smarter' chartered accounting expertise at an accessible price

To make professional chartered accounting services affordable for small to medium sized businesses there are no Money Metrics offices.  Why not?  We're passionate about working with our customers to find lean, efficient financial solutions that save both time and money, and we apply this thinking to our own business model.

Using smart systems and the latest technologies means we can work 'virtually' anywhere - at your kitchen table, in a local cafe, or in our own homes.  Thinking outside the box or, in our case, outside the fancy gold lettering and four grey walls means we avoid those weighty overheads.  This allows us to offer our services at a much better rate than our competitors.  Working smarter just makes sense, and well, cents.


Lean, efficient accounting solutions that are just the right fit

We focus on creating a personalised accounting plan that matches our customers' specific business needs.  It is our job to figure out what assistance you need and what processes or systems will make all the difference. Even if your budget is low, we will determine the crucial services your business requires (with nothing it doesn't) and offer a solution that involves less time, money & stress!

Keeping in touch with current tax regulation, as well as the latest time-saving e-commerce tools (such as the small businesses' best friend Xero), means we continue to help you stay abreast of what's new.  With a Money Metrics professional 'on your team' you can relax knowing that we understand what tools are available to gain business efficiencies and we won't let any opportunity pass to help improve yours.

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Save the stress and speed up with Xero

Xero accounting software is our recommended choice for most small to medium businesses.  Designed to make life easier, Xero saves time and cash flow, and keeps all of your financial information in one place and at your fingertips.  With daily bank feeds you'll never again dread month-end and there's no need for data backups or software upgrades.  Reconciling transactions can be as simple and easy as the click of a button!

Xero also enables more reliable real-time periodic reporting, KPI monitoring, and is the most cost-effective way to prepare annual accounts.  Banks also appreciate the up-to-date data Xero can provide to assist with finance raising.

Because innovation never stops, we're continually implementing clever new Xero Add-Ons - finding fresh ways to make life simpler for our customers.  Talk to us about Spotlight Reporting and our Scaling Up tools if you're serious about growing your business!

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Cass has been a wonderful source of knowledge and guidance over the past several years through the setup process and early growth phase of our business.  Cass is professional, thorough, and keeps us up to date with all the new tax laws that might apply to us, without costing an arm and a leg! I have recommended her to friends and family and they are also stoked with her work. She's great! - abbrev

- James Mooney, Family Physio

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