StratiX Business Advisory

Accelerate your business success to the next level with The Money Metrics StratiX Peak Performance Program - A Unique and tailored business advisory that helps you reach your goals.

A high-level facilitation program tailored to your individual needs, StratiX is not your everyday business advisory service. The program is ideal for people seeking to achieve business aspirations that empower work-life balance and personal goals.

We designed and developed StratiX based on our many years of business experience and extensive training. At the core of its success is a healthy and unique collaboration between you and your Money Metrics adviser. In the safety and comfort of a trusted and secure partnership, we provide you with the tools and guidance that enable you to:

  • Establish realistic, sustainable, and achievable goals with clarity and purpose
  • Implement proven, focused, and practical steps that align with your aspirations
  • Drive business efficiency, peak performance, and results
  • Reach and achieve your ultimate objectives

Money Metrics StratiX facilitators are business owners themselves which means they understand you. Each facilitator is equipped with leading professional advisory and financial skills. As a result, they have the expertise to guide you on your journey. In addition, they are backed by highly regulated chartered accounting industry codes of ethics and standards of practice.

Available exclusively through Money Metrics, StratiX is a dedicated one-on-one facilitation service with limited availability. Click here to book a free, no obligation and confidential conversation.

Trusted Financial Advisor | Money Metrics Chartered Accountants NZ

James Mooney

Director Family Physio

Cass has been our accountant for four years now.  We started off as employees and are now business owners.  Cass has been a wonderful source of knowledge and guidance through the setup process and early growth phase of our business.  

David Dovey

Director Exceed Franchising Limited

Cassandra & Money Metrics have been involved in our national franchise business since 2010.  Initially undertaking book keeping roles in the business but within the last four years this position has evolved to that of a financial controller.