Accountant predicts strong growth in Omokoroa enterprises

Many people are beginning to adapt to life as part of a highly mobile workforce. Enterprises will be attracted to new commercial facilities under development in Omokoroa.  As a result, residents can expect to see more opportunities to work, live, play and stay local.
Chartered Accountant Yvonne Handley says all this should combine to create strong local economic growth opportunities over the coming years.
Accountant predicts strong growth in Omokoroa enterprises | Money Metrics

Omokoroa is growing. As it does, so too will the number of businesses that call the popular peninsula home. Yvonne Handley is the franchise owner of Money Metrics Bethlehem and Western Bay. She is expecting to see strong growth in small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in the area over the coming years.

“The future of Omokoroa as a thriving micro-climate of locally established SMEs is bright,” says Yvonne. “Some people will create new businesses as opportunities arise. Others may bring established businesses with them when they move into the area.”

Why SME’s will be important to Omokoroa

Small to medium businesses are the backbone of communities. Firstly, they play a vital role in building the individuality and character of a town. Secondly, their ecosystem brings valuable skills, innovation, encourages entrepreneurship and creates jobs.

Yvonne is a qualified Chartered Accountant and business advisor with over 20 years’ experience. She knows the highly tangible ways small businesses contribute to their local area.

“Not only do SME’s support the economy to become more sustainable, but they quite often get involved with events and community initiatives. They also spend much of their incomes where they live. This helps to create a viable micro-economy.”

Yvonne has vast experience in the banking sector. She says clients are increasingly seeking support to manage business growth challenges and dealing with situations like changing banking regulations. It is all in a days work for the financial explorer.

A new financial year is near!

Chartered Accountant Yvonne Handley | Money Metrics

The end of the financial year is fast approaching on the 31 March. Yvonne shares some of her top tips for sound financial practices for 2022:

  1. Cash flow is key so keep in mind that ‘rainy day’. Know what bills you have due and when.
  2. Be smart about financing. This way you can understand your short term and long term options.
  3. Because supporting your local community is good for business, it is wise to do it well. Work with a trusted accountant who can guide you on the best way make a social impact in a way that is sustainable.


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This blog was previously published as an advertorial in the Omokoroa Lizard, Jan 2022.