International Women’s Day 2022 is celebrated on 8th March…

Money Metrics are New Zealand’s only chartered accounting franchise and proud to be #breakingthebias on equality. 
Yvonne Handley, Karyn Baker, Cassandra Park and Kelly Lelieveld together with James Amos. | Money Metrics
From left: Yvonne Handley, Karyn Baker, Cassandra Park and Kelly Lelieveld together with James Amos.

Money Metrics is on a mission. Our chartered accountants want to improve the financial health and wellbeing of New Zealand’s vibrant SME community. Embracing our unique roaming workplace culture is how we plan on doing it. At the same time, our team are fostering gender equity. International Women’s Day is a chance to recognise changes we are creating in an industry previously dominated by males.

Once a week, our directors Cassandra Park and Karyn Baker meet virtually with the growing franchise team. There are two noticeable differences compared to many others in the trade. Firstly, as franchisees we are equipped with first-hand experience of owning and running a business. Secondly, many of our chartered accountants are female.

These are not the only differences our innovative business model is creating.

Model opens up fourth career path

Previously, New Zealand chartered accountants were limited to only three options to progress careers. This included:

  1. Entering into an expensive partner buy-in option,
  2. Setting up a sole practitioner practice, or
  3. Reaching a senior level in a firm, where careers often stagnate.

A decade on from starting the original Money Metrics practice in Papamoa, our Director Cassandra has been busy adapting to change. Modern tech was once threatening to make number crunchers obsolete. Today CAs are becoming valuable partners in business growth and success. New technology has enabled more constructive and meaningful results for clients.

Business increasingly linked to personal goals

“People live in a modern day world where ‘workations’ and ‘bleisure’ are a thing. Achieving our personal goals are increasingly linked to our business goals. We take this into account at Money Metrics. Our affordable tailored services help improve business performance and success. In turn, we can empower people to create balance beyond the books.” Cassandra Park.

Together with being community focused, it is a culture that Cassandra and Karyn encourage for the team. Franchise owners Yvonne Handley (Bethlehem and Western Bay) and Kelly Lelieveld (Rotorua and Tauranga West) are attracted to the many career and lifestyle benefits of the franchise. Both women have extensive financial backgrounds and expertise. Prior to Money Metrics, very few career opportunities offered the same flexibility, collaboration and support. Owning a franchise has enabled them to spend more time with their families and juggle all of the demands of being a modern day working mum.

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This blog was previously published in advertorial form in the The Bay of Plenty Business News. Feb 2022.